Solid State Drives & the rMBP

A client recently inquired about the value and performance differences between the current models of the MacBook Pro — i.e. Retina (rMBP) vs. non-Retina versions. The rMBP (as I’ve written about previously) has non-replaceable RAM, but in fact the SSD seems to indeed be replaceable. Here’s an excerpt from an interesting Mac Observer article on Other World Computing’s Aura Pro SSD as an upgrade option for rMBP owners who purchased the small SSD.

OWC Aura Pro SSD for Retina MBP: Maximum Speed, Great Upgrade

6:23 PM EDT, Sep. 25th, 2012 · Jim Tanous · In-Depth Review
When Apple announced the newly designed MacBook Pro with Retina Display (rMBP) at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June, many marveled at the power and speed that a completely custom design could bring. As Apple customers slowly stepped out of the “reality distortion field,” however, some were concerned that upgrading such a tightly-integrated beast would be impossible.

Shortly after its release, tear-downs of the rMBP revealed both good and bad news: RAM was soldered to the system, and would not be user-upgradeable, but the internal SSD, despite its custom design, was removable and potentially upgradeable.

About two months after the rMBP’s release, Other World Computing (OWC), a longtime member of the Apple community and the first to release upgrades for many Macs with non-industry standard parts, released the Aura Pro, the first and thus far only third party SSD for the rMBP.

Currently available in a single 480 GB capacity, the Aura Pro promises to increase rMBP storage speeds and provides a nice upgrade path for users who initially purchased their rMBP with a stock 256 GB drive and are now looking for more space.

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