Hard Disk & Solid State Drive Recommendations

External Hard Disk Drives (HHDs) and Solid State Drives (SSDs):
Many clients ask me for recommendations for external hard disk drives
for backup and storage. Most hard drives can be formatted for use with
Macintosh computers, so almost any drive will work, provided it offers
appropriate port connectivity. That said, here are my top three HDD/SSD
choices from three different manufacturers. Choose the drive that best
fits your needs, thinking about: space, speed, durability, and port
connectivity. Note, all recommendations below are portable, bus-powered
drives. Unless you will be using them constantly, I suggest portable
drives, so you can get into a backup routine that involves taking one of
two external backup drives to an off-site location, and rotating them

  1. Other World Computing’s Mercury ElitePro Mini
    line of HDDs and SSDs is an excellent, sturdy line of HDDs/SSDs, and
    offers excellent storage capacity, speed (FireWire800, USB3.0), and
    portability in a clean, efficient and cost-effective package. HDDs in
    this line come in up to 2TBs, are bus-powered, and very reliable. OWC’s
    Solid State Drives are excellent.
  2. G-DRIVE Mobile
    HDDs are excellent drives with good connectivity:  USB 3.0 (and
    backwards compatible to USB 2.0) and FireWire 800 (also backwards
    compatible to FW400) interfaces, 1TB capacity, bus-powered, all for
    $180, a good value for an excellent drive. This is a great drive
    especially for those who have or plan to purchase new MacBook Pros or
    other machines that have USB 3.0 connectivity.
  3. LaCie Rugged USB3 Thunderbolt Series 1TB
    drive is an excellent portable HDD for $250. If you have a new Mac with
    a Thunderbolt port, you should consider this drive, as it is one of the
    first portable, affordable Thunderbolt-equipped drives on the market
    from a trusted, tried-and-true HDD manufacturer. It is bus-powered and
    has an exterior case that provides protection in case you drop the
    drive. The LaCie Rugged Tripple USB3.0
    drive (without Thunderbolt), is the old standard in portable drives,
    with USB3.0 and two FW800 ports, all bus-powered, for $200.