LifeHacker interview article

Here’s an interesting LifeHacker interview article by Tessa Miller, in the “Behind the App” series, on the backstory behind the iOS app Drafts and it’s creator, Greg Pierce. If anyone uses Drafts, please post in the comments! I’m rather stuck to iA Writer myself, the interface and keyboard is so clean. But Drafts looks to have nice functionality and may have even better cursor control than iA Writer?

After launching in 2012, Drafts quickly became one of our favorite note taking apps. The brainchild of developer Greg Pierce, Drafts allows you to jot down ideas and either save them for later, or export them to your calendar, email, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, or Simplenote, among many others. You can also use Drafts to search any website’s archive, and pair it withIFTTT to do a bunch of cool stuff (like automatically email notes to you). We caught up with Greg to find out how Drafts came to be, and to get his advice for aspiring developers.

Click here to read the full article. And click here to check out the Who uses drafts and what do you love/dislike about it?