iPhone apps in words

so, a friend asked what my favorite iphone apps are. pics are best, so i took screen shots (press power and home button at the same time and it will take a shot of your iphone screen, whatever may be displayed). some built in apps are still on my first homescreen.

screen 1. daily use.

camera (need quick access). wish i could get there quiker, unlocking with a code. often just barely get the shot…

settings, always messin in there.

clock. wish it were more fully functioned. i use this many times a day.

mylite flashlight, easy to find in the dark

voice memos ; wow, fantastic. nice syncing

calculator of course



convertbot, the best converter. awsome

pastebot, sweet clipboard manager, with MacOSX desktop wifi sync, copy and paste to your desktop-iphone or vv. really nice. love the bots.

evernote. love it. but don’t use it all that much right now

tumblr iphone app. goes without saying. awesome. if you haven’t figured out you’re reading a tumblr blog, wake up! this is hot stuff, man.

netnewswire. best RSS feeder that syncs with google, with a nice MacOSX client app too, with the same name. imperfect, but the best i’ve found so far. only way to read news IMHO.

mail. don’t use it that much now that i don’t use a data connection much, usually home on wifi so at my computer is easier.

tweetie. best twitter client for iphone (and macosx). clean. sophisticated. simple. elegant. awesome.

airsharing pro. last on home page but used very often. file syncing from iphone to mac/pc. really sweet. good pdf viewer. i have a 10,000 page pdf of a dictionary on there. works fast. awesome. use it every day. can’t live without it. acts as a server, loads as a server on the desktop. wow. worth every penny of the $9 it costs.

screen 2. not daily use, but lots.

skype. love it. wifi talking for free from india to us with my plan. can’t live iwthout it

safari. don’t do too much browsing here, with very limited and expensive data plan.

facebook. ok. much rather interface with tumblr or twitter, tho.


photos. usually get there from camera app.

contacts. usually get there from phone app.

the weather channel. good weather. nice app.

wikiamo. good wikipedia app. needs an internet connection, tho

dictionary. wow, dictionary.com dictionary is really fantastic. works off line too. very sweet.

sun n moon. nice app.

siri. personal digital assistant. if you’re stateside, get this app. it’s free. useless to me in india tho

currency. nice free currency converter.

first class client. if you interface with a first class servers for work, this is essential.

screen 3. games. i’ve played the first two often, and really just those. don’t play much, except when waiting for india to get off indian time…

funkyball. best game ever. until you play every level, and realize you’ve just exhosted it all. play more, unlock more balls, but really, savor the initial 20 hrs of playtime, you’ll never find it again!

doodlejump. pretty darn good. get it.

labyrinth. nice, clean.



skee-ball. um, probably NOT worth the 99c

uniwar. pass

fargoal. played once. mistake of a 99c

c-kaku. japanese wierdness game.

kapowie. fun for 10 min. pass

lab-maze free. donno

G the flying squirrel. dumb. kinda funny.

wild wild train. donno.

phazeLite. potential in a futuristic driving game. maybe fun if you get good.

unblockme. nice tetris like game