Pretty Amazing! swipetap: People continue to make awesome things with their iPhone 4’s. This time, director Martin Martin composed the first music video shot completely with an iPhone 4. The featured song is titled Cascades by an unsigned Vancouver, British Columbia artist named flakjakt. & http://themartymartin.comArtist: flakjakt [Steve Failows]Song: CascadesDirector/DP/Editor: Marty MartinProducers: Sam Toloui, Kelli TaylorDancer: Robin CampbellSong was written in 2 days, video shot in 1.3 days and edited in 2 days. In a fun weeklong experiment, my friend Marty and I collaborated on this video for an original song I wrote specifically for the iPhone 4 shoot. The overall goal was to produce a music video you can get down with – first and foremost – regardless of what camera we were shooting with. I think the end result turned out fantasmic! I hope you do too.