MacHelper offers the following services in the comfort of your own home or office, or by phone, Skype or remote desktop appointment. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation to determine your support needs:


  • iPhone, iPad & iPod setup & training
  • Internet connection & wifi setup
  • E-Mail setup
  • Software training
  • Troubleshooting & routine maintenance
  • Backup solutions
  • Hardware purchase consultation
  • iPhone, iPad & iPod setup & troubleshooting
  • Wireless Internet (wifi) & networking setup
  • Bibliography software
  • Non-Roman scripts support
  • Business Process Consulting
  • & More!

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•  iPhone, iPad & iPod setup & training  •

Are you considering purchasing an iPad or iPhone?  Would you like someone to walk you through all of its features and help you set up your email, and sync your photos and music?  Do you have an iPhone or iPad and would you like to make use of all of its capabilities to maximize productivity and optimize your work-flow, and have a bit of fun as well?  Do you need assistance in deciding which iPod to buy or setting up or syncing an existing iPod?  We can help you with all your iPhone, iPod and iTunes needs.

•  Internet connection setup  •

We can help you configure your dial-up, DSL, cable, satelite or other internet connection from any carrier, as well as setting up a wireless (wifi) network in your home or office to allow easy wireless connection to the internet by multiple computers and other devices.

•  E-mail setup & assistance  •

We provide training and support for web-based email solutions (such as Gmail, Yahoo!, etc) or help you set up the email program of your choice (an email client server, Apple or Eudora, for example) to retrieve your email from a variety of places, including your Internet provider’s email, Yahoo! mail, Gmail, and other sources. We can also help you configure and check your email online via web-mail.

•  Software training  •

Could you use help using applications on the Mac? We can help you effectively utilize a variety of applications including word-processing software, iTunes, iPhoto, and Personal Information Management software, to name only a few. We can assist in setting iChat / AIM video-conferencing, Skype, and other VoIP Internet phone services so you can talk with and see your family and friends over your Internet connection, (often) free of usage charges.

•  Troubleshooting & routine maintenance  •

Do you experience long delays opening applications? Does your computer crash frequently? Do some applications open automatically when you wish they wouldn’t? Does your computer run more slowly than it did in the past? We can help restore optimum performance and suggest the right preventative measures to keep your computer functioning at its best.

•  Backup solutions  •

Do you back up your data frequently? Do you have a backup plan which involves periodic off-site backups, storing your information in a different location than your computer? We can help you form a backup plan to safeguard your data and work with you to implement it, or modify your existing plan to be more secure.

•  Hardware purchase consultation  •

Are you shopping for a new Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod? Or are you interested in setting up a wireless network or playing your music from your Mac through your home stereo in another room? Would you like to set up an external monitor, keyboard and mouse to use with your laptop in your home or office? We can advise you on all your hardware needs, and help you save money by choosing the best equipment to serve your needs.

•  Wireless Internet/networking setup and troubleshooting  •

Would you like to share your Internet connection between multiple computers or other devices without cables? Would you like to be able to share files between computers? Do you wish you could take your laptop to a colleague’s desk, use it on your lap, in another room in your home, on the sofa, or in bed? Would you like to be able to play music from your computer through your home stereo speakers? We can help you set up and easily maintain a wireless network to serve your needs.

•  Bibliography software  •

Do you do academic or journalistic writing which requires citing a variety of sources? We can help you with the leading bibliography-creation software to simplify your entry, editing and formatting of bibliographies.

•  Non-roman scripts support •

Do you work with languages written in non-roman scripts? I can help you find the right software, fonts, and keyboard layouts to accommodate your needs.

Other services are available! If you need help with a Macintosh computer issue not listed here, please contact us and we will let you know if we can help.