iPhone 5s cases from Pong available Nov 12

The new Pong Case and Pong Rugged Case for iPhone 5s are due out November 12, 2013. Pong cases are excellent cases, and they protect the user from cell-phone radiation and improve performance of the phone’s radio. Here are some of the Pong Rugged Case’s features:

  • Strengthen Outbound Signal by up to 44%
  • Increase Range up to 20%
  • Reduce Dropped Calls
  • Withstands a 6’ Drop and passed US Military Drop Tests
  • Reduce your exposure to wireless energy (SAR) by up to 82% below FCC limit

You can find more information and pre-order the case here.

Pong makes cases for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and BlackBerry phones. Click here for their complete lineup.

I use Pong cases exclusively; they significantly reduce the “buzz” I feel when I carry my phone in my pocket. They are also attractive, protective, and increase the functionality of phone. But most of all, they help to protect us against the harmful radiation that is proven to be emitted by cell phone radios. We don’t hear much about the radiation and the danger that comes with it, primarily, I believe, because the wireless communication companies’ lobbying is so strong. But the studies have been done, the science is proven, and the radiation isn’t good! Take precautions now to reduced the harmful effects down the line, that’s been my motto.