Things for Mac: best-in-class Task Management Software on Sale now

Anyone living in the modern world and using a Mac needs to consider Things, a simple yet extremely powerful way to take control of your life, one task at a time. It is best-in-class Task Management Software, now it’s on deep sale. Click here for the link to get to the Mac AppStore Things page. Sale ends Jan 31, 2013.

For a limited time only, Things Mac is on sale for an incredibly great price.

As the new year gets into full swing, the Mac App Store is holding a “Get Stuff Done” sale. You can get Things Mac for a whopping 50% off the normal price.

This sale runs from January 24-31. If you’ve been holding out on getting Things for your Mac, this is a wonderful opportunity.

Things for Mac also updates seamlessly with Things for iPad and Things for iPhone via our free Things Cloud service.

– The Cultured Code Team


GTD and Goal-Setting

Here is a nice little article on Getting Things Done (GTD) and Goal-Setting from David Allen. Definitely worth a read. Here’s a short excerpt:



What we focus on changes what we notice. Our brain filters information, seeing one thing in a situation instead of something else, based on what we identify with, what we have our attention on, what we’re looking for—more or less consciously.

The reason for long-term goals is the permission they give us to identify with the greatest value we can so it changes our filtered perceptions. The future never shows up (have you noticed?—it’s always today!). But playing with it as a working blueprint can be a remarkably useful tool to see things (and how to do and have them) that you never saw before.