Sprouting: Crop 3. Salad Mix.

1 tablespoon seeds.

Soaked Friday night, harvested Tuesday morning.

5 min/side fan-air-dried.


Sprouting adventures, round 2. Our second batch of sprouts turned out so much better than the first! With advice from dad, the sprouting master, we used only one heaping tablespoon of seeds, kept them in the dark for the first day (+?), and rinsed twice a day. We did not over-dry them, in fact, they were out to dry for less than 10 minutes. It’s hot a dry here now (except for the rain storm last night!), and the overhead fans seem to de-humidify the sprouts super quick.

Half the batch was gone within hours, the second half will be gone today.

The seeds started soaking on Tuesday night, and the sprouts were ready on Friday morning.

Sprouting — our adventures have begun! Fun fun. This first batch of alfalfa sprouts we overfilled (two tablespoons of seeds), but they matured in about 3 days. We left them to dry for three hours in 85 deg F weather, low humidity, under a medium-level ceiling fan, and I think we overdried them. They started to wither and wilt a little. But we ate 1/3 of the batch at lunch on sandwhiches, so they’ll be gone by tomorrow eve! We’ll start the next batch tonight… 😉